Neurosurgery Staff

October 10, 2006

Institute Director: MANUEL M. MARIANO, MD 

Section of Neurosurgery:

Executive Officer: Rhoderick M. Casis, MD

Training Officer: Ibet Marie Y. Sih, MD

  1. Jose Aguilar, MD

  2. Rhoderick M. Casis, MD

  3. Annabelle E. Chua, MD

  4. Eusebio L. Debuque, MD

  5. Rene Domingo, MD

  6. Vladimir D. Hufana, MD

  7. Eric Dennis Legaspi, MD

  8. Gerardo Legaspi, MD

  9. Willy Lopez, MD

  10. Manuel M. Mariano, MD

  11. Louie A. Racelis, MD

  12. Antonio A. Rafael, MD

  13. Peter D. Rivera, MD

  14. Ibet Marie Y. Sih, MD

  15. Joseph Timothy S. Sim, MD

  16. Ludovico Villaruel, MD


2 Responses to “Neurosurgery Staff”


    Dear Neurosurgery Faculty:

    I am one of the applicants of neurosurgery residency this September 18, 2013. May I know when will be the soonest date we will be informed of our application status whether admitted or rejected. Thank you and may God bless the Department.

  2. Jenny Says:

    Hello, i would like have any communication to each one of you to promote an electrode that neuro surgeon can use for epilepsy.
    This electrode is only for epilepsy specialist.

    For more information please kindly email

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