Child Neurology Staff

October 10, 2006

Institute Director: MANUEL M. MARIANO, MD 

Section of Child Neurology:

Co-Director: Marilyn H. Ortiz, MD

  1. Ermenilda Avendaño, MD

  2. Anna Berroya, MD

  3. Ma. Estrella Ibe, MD

  4. Marilyn H. Ortiz, MD

  5. Jose Robles, MD

  6. Benilda Sanchez, MD



One Response to “Child Neurology Staff”

  1. Dear all,

    I am working with Astellas Pharma and we are doing clinical studies with a new formulation of Solifenacin for children.

    Could you let me know whether you have any NDO patients being treated with antimuscarinics (not only solifneacin – could be e.g. Oxybutynin, Tolteridine, Propiverine).

    With kind regards,
    Dr. Birgitta Kjaeer
    Astellas Pharma
    The Netherlands

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